I am

Kat Quatermass

I'm a freelancer focused on helping third sector or public sector organisations with user research or content design.I can also assist with fundraising, strategic planning, and communications from a storytelling perspective.

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How can I help you?

I want to work on projects that make a difference to people's lives.That could mean working for a charity or it could mean public sector projects and government digital services.I've spent the last 8 years learning the best ways to help organisations talk to the people that matter most - the people who use or might use their digital products and tools (and sometimes non-digital services too).I'm also an expert in writing for the web. I've focused on understanding how to create information pages and guides that people can actually use. So if you need help with content for websites or apps I can help you.Finally, for smaller organisations that might need multiple types of support, I can help you with funding bids, annual reports, strategies and devising presentations about your work.I'm interested in anything from a couple of days work to six month contracts.Review my Tech for Good CV or read on to learn a bit more about my skills and experience.

Core skills and experience

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User research and service design

I have 8 years experience in delivering user research interviews, surveys and carrying out usability testing. I feed this research into service design for digital products, websites and apps. I've focused on accessibility, inclusivity and safety in research. I love mentoring and training and have supported teams from government departments, sports agencies and charities. The examples below all cover leading research through design and supporting product development through to beta and beyond.Key products:
Alexandra Rose Charity's voucher processing software.
NCVO's suite of "diagnostic tools" and their membership journey.
Several test products supporting survivors of domestic abuse

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Content design

I've worked in copywriting on and off for more than 20 years. Recently I've specailised in content design for the web. I've focused on long form information content, including research and testing related to content design. I particularly enjoy projects where I lead on the content pattern design following research, and then carry out editing together with a team. This can include mentoring other writers and pair writing with subject specialists. See below for examples.Key Collections:
Place2be's Parentingsmart
NCVO's Help and Guidance for Digital and Technology
Samaritans Guidance for Practitioners
Catalyst's Shared Digital Guides

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Fundraising and Funding Strategy

From 2000 - 2014 I worked in arts development. I'm confident writing bids to lottery funders and grantmaking trusts. I understand these within a wider funding mix, and can help small to medium sized organisations plan strategies encompassing a range of fundraising methods. I have also trained and mentored others in fundraising.Most recently, I produced NCVO's funding and income guidance pages

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Organisational storytelling

In 2011 I created workshops to help attendees feel more confident telling stories. I've delivered these workshops with a range of goals in mind including: improving internal conferencing delivery, supporting small business networking, preparing staff to manage upwards and taking story-led approaches to change management.Key Clients: Shell, Capita, Warrington Youth Services and NCS, Clarke Willmott LLP and NFU Mutual

Contact me

I'm actively looking for short contracts at present, so do get in touch. As well as the methods below, you can find me on Agencies for Good Slack Channel via the Agencies for Good website.

Blogs and Resource Articles

A selection of commissioned articles and products from "working in the open":- Reflections on safeguarding and safety for user researchers. Published by CAST
- Reflections and actions plans for making sure that user research is ethical. Also published by CAST
- Sharing learning on running forums safely. Published as a Catalyst Resource
- Helping a colleague share learning on setting up an online chat service. Published as a Catalyst Case Study
- A recent article explaining how to get meaningful insights from group activities. Published as a Catalyst Resource
- An article to help charities who want to provide information, advice or guidance online. Also published as a Catalyst Resource

Skills for my supper

In between contracts, I head out on walking and volunteering projects. In these periods I pick a bit of the UK and travel around using my feet and rural buses. I trade my skills for food and a place to stay. In 2023 I visited Coventry, Birmingham, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Shropshire, the Forest of Dean, Devon and Cornwall. I did email marketing, kitchen cleaning, lots of weeding, scything, painting, apple picking and loads of other things I'd never done before, often involving power tools!

I often take part in creative challenges of different sorts - you can find them on my instagram.