I am

Kat Quatermass

I was a freelancer focused on helping third sector or public sector organisations with user research or content design. I also did fundraising, strategic planning and storytelling communications.All that is on pause for the moment as I'm working in Government Digital Services.So this is really just a legacy page hanging around in case you're looking for links to some of the things I wrote when I was doing that work - or in case I decide to put creative writing or art things here instead of instagram.

Head and shoulders selfie of a hazel eyed pale skinned white woman wearing a teal headband and outdoor gear. Ash grey hair is escaping from the headband

Blogs and Resource Articles

A selection of commissioned articles and products from "working in the open":- Reflections on safeguarding and safety for user researchers. Published by CAST
- Reflections and actions plans for making sure that user research is ethical. Also published by CAST
- Sharing learning on running forums safely. Published as a Catalyst Resource
- Helping a colleague share learning on setting up an online chat service. Published as a Catalyst Case Study
- A recent article explaining how to get meaningful insights from group activities. Published as a Catalyst Resource
- An article to help charities who want to provide information, advice or guidance online. Also published as a Catalyst Resource

Want to see the creative stuff?

I start (and never finish) 100 day projects - from doodles, to photography, to 42 word stories. You can find them most easily on my instagram.

Skills for my supper

In 2023 I headed out on walking and volunteering projects. In these projects I pick a bit of the UK and travel around using my feet and rural buses. I trade my skills for food and a place to stay. I visited Coventry, Birmingham, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Shropshire, the Forest of Dean, Devon and Cornwall. I did email marketing, kitchen cleaning, lots of weeding, scything, painting, apple picking and loads of other things I'd never done before, often involving power tools! I might do smaller versions of similar things in my holidays, now that I am working full time.

I often take part in creative challenges of different sorts - you can find them on my instagram.