Inventing and Exploring…

Mouth design for Machine

Michelle O’Connor, Amy Douglas and I having a great time with 16 year 2 boys at Sundorne Infant School – managing to lay exploration trails round the school grounds and build a machine that processes words all at the same time.  There’s a huge benefit in having 3 artists working on a project – you can get so much done. Yesterday I went through the boys sketch books and combined their efforts to find the features their machine (to be built of cardboard and operated by them) would have. It fascinated me that so many boys decided the best way to get words into a machine was for it to have a mouth to feed them into!  Today we were laying trails – with dinosaur foot prints, spoons and puppets. Looking forward to getting down to some serious writing on Friday in this Creative Partnerships project which is all about fun approaches to Literacy.

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