If we Have Unearned Luck…

Spring seems to be rushing through my life at the moment and bringing with it waves of luck and delight.

I’ve been booked to take part in Lakes Alive’s series of Banquet events in West Cumbria, making a really useful connection, just as they are awarded 3 years of significant National Portfolio funding from Arts Council England, and become a major 2012 Cultural Olympiad Partner.  But that’s not all by any means!

I made it through a selection of over 100 artists to be one of just 5 working on NUSAMAZE a fabulous Creative Partnership’s project exploring the role of ‘Wonder’ in Education at Samworth Academy and am truly awed by some of the artists I’m going to be working with – Florian Kemp, who has an object in the design museum, Graham Elstone, who helped design the PLUS enrichment unit for Visual Arts, Ruth Disney and advertising professional with amazing vision, and Tom Cleaver a visual artist who knows his traditional stories!

The Midsummer Nights Dream quote is because I’ve agreed to tell the Dream story, as well as Theseus and Hippolyta and Pyramus and Thisbe in a fairy dell at Planet Angel’s July party Chilled in a Field.

More from me soon, because in less than a fortnight, The Wondertale Generator will be ready for collection, and in exactly a fortnight I’ll be recovering from Pyllopteryx, our first interactive story in a club at the wonderful White Mischief event 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

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