Be Careful What you Wish for!

looks like a toy box

Not, in fact, a toy box. But the results of car boot sale and charity shop hunting – toys awaiting to be transformed

When I applied for the Creative Practitioner job at Nottingham University Samworth Academy, I told them I’d no idea what I wanted to do in their Maze-to-be, but that I had skills in storytelling and had also done some games design, and I wanted to see how I could help.

Turns out that ‘how I could help’ involves a personal transformation into…    an installation artist!

I’ve had great fun working with the science teachers and a handful of pupils ways to make the discovery of science possible in a Maze environment – alongside a team of other artists all working with different curriculum areas. I love our ‘represent the elements as characters and then hide  them’ approach to the Maze, and I had fun writing the clues for the History of Science exhibits (guess – or research – the famous – or not so famous but maybe should be scientist) – but now comes the stitch, stick, wire twist and spray paint part of the effort – an altogether different matter!

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