Business Planning in Cardiff…

So I decided I wanted to spend a year helping to make the biggest storytelling festival in the UK happen – and luckily the lovely people at Beyond the Border Wales International Storytelling Festival agreed I’d make a good Festival Manager and offered me the contract!

We’ve got off to a great start – I’ve rewritten the business plan, and our colleagues in the Major Events Unit at Welsh Government are so pleased with it that they are going to use it as an exemplar plan, as well as agreeing to sign off our agreement for £85,000 over the next 3 years.

Making good progress on the Arts Council Wales funding bid too, whilst exploring all the legal implications of site contracts, VAT implications of our ticket sales targets and finding out more about the arts scene in South Wales in general. There may be rather fewer updates on other aspects of my work over the next year, as I can see the Festival taking over my life already!