Halloween Puppeteering…

steps in the rockwall at Hawkstone

I joined up with Black Lab again this year to put on the Halloween adventure for Hawkstone Park and Follies

This year our focus was on the caves themselves and the immediate approach to them, rather than the whole walk – so most of the team including Mandala Studio’s Alien Queen costume, Black Lab’s severed head illusion, a deeply sinister guardian of Hades and some frankly disturbing child ghouls, were all in relative shelter and warm. Sue and I were out in the cold puppeteering the red eyed, black clothed wraiths above the rocky path through the cleft up to the caves and trying to get the first big jump moment for the visitors. We managed it quite often if the shrieks were anything to go by!

A quiet night this year thanks to the rain – probably just over 200 visitors during the evening. As ever, lots of plans for more to come.