Conference Season…

It’s great to be working with The Challenge Factor again; conference season at NFU Mutual always means a whirlwind of creativity and interesting plans for speaker’s presentations.

This October we’ve been working on the IT conference and regional conferences. Most memorable moment – probably encouraging an IT consultant to fully develop his theory of explaining systems architecture through the metaphor of pasta – we stopped short of deciding to shower the audience with spaghetti. The Challenge Factor have a long term relationship with NFU Mutual and we’re really starting to see the results – their presenters coming back to us with suggestions for interesting ways to use slides, or requests to shoot green screen videos –  a great environment to work in.

I’ve also been taking some of the structural narrative work I usually do for presentations and moving it across to corporate video. Although I was a little taken aback to discover my directorial role also included some stunt driving (or at least moving unfamiliar cars!) I can see myself doing more corporate film work in the future.