Evaluating at the Earthouse…

Working a Bank Holiday weekend isn’t too bad when it involves a trip to the Ancient Technology Centre in Dorset, which boasts a roundhouse purpose built for storytelling amongst its cluster of buildings. 

The purpose of the trip was to drop off some questionnaires for the evaluation project I’m delivering for Adverse Camber at the moment. Naomi Wilds who runs Adverse Camber, producing and promoting storytelling and music tours for some of the UK’s leading performers has already collected some interesting data on audience behaviour from previous shows – but their latest funding requires an independent evaluation and I’m absolutely delighted to be involved.

I’m planning to use Wordle to explore the resonance between different audiences reactions to the shows, and map audiences against mosaic data – to see how the audience at each venue relates to the make up of that area’s local community.  Its a shame it involves asking people to fill in forms on an evening out – but that can’t be helped – I hope we’ve managed to make them easy to read, and maybe releasing feedback on the results, combined with the small prize draw incentive will make it feel worthwhile!