An Elephant on Tour…

Fred Versonnen and Elephant Sketch

I first saw the show that inspired this tour in one of the smaller out of the way tents at Festival at the Edge, just after I returned from America. ‘The Elephant Story’ stood out, because it is rare in the UK to see stage performances of historical fiction, and even rarer to see them done well.

Planning to bring an International artist into the country wasn’t easy – although there are a substantial number of clubs across the country who would’ve loved to host a performance from Fred Versonnen – they mostly take place one particular night a month, and planning a sensible route without too much driving was far from simple.

We settled on performances in Leamington Spa, Cambridge and The Lake District, plus plenty of opportunities for Fred to visit UK based friends, and an intro to clowning workshop in Lancashire – which was one of the best of its sort that I’ve ever attended.

A lot of work, and without fundraising to support this kind of event, both performer and promoter end up committing their own time and funds to support the venture, so we’ll be looking for a new model before we do this again.