Capita Calling…

A presentation slide

I love working with Graduate Trainees.

The approach I take to presentation skills training is rooted in story, and looks carefully at structuring presentations using the right shapes to reach an audience, and get a message across. As I discovered with Target group about a year ago, it also adapts very successfully to guide one on one conversations in a complex project management chain. So it’s a perfect fit for people who are getting started in a very large company like Capita, and I’m really pleased every time I join The Challenge Factor to deliver it.

It is also fascinating, having to develop extra support in the programme to encourage the trainees to let go, to step off the rails and experiment – so much of their learning is about exploring the ways departments do things – sometimes introducing change proposals, yes, but ultimately, understanding and absorbing a particular culture. Once they’re comfortable though – the trainees are among the most exciting delegates to work with. I love to see how they explore the different ways they might employ the techniques used and how they absorb the nuances of guidance about how their presentation delivery style might relate to their growing corporate persona.