Changing Styles, Changing Scores…

mock up of BBC news in Clarke Wilmott Colouts

I probably shouldn’t have favourite clients, but when Philippa began our coaching sessions together by saying ‘I want to become a presenter that could get invited to give a TED talk’ I knew we were going to have fun working together.

It’s been an interesting journey, because in order to present well, a lawyer has to be prepared to leave behind all the detail and complexity of legal language, and relearn how to an address an audience in the speech patterns that make most sense to a listening ear. After that, it has simply been a question of sharing models of presentation that understand that the speaker themselves, moving kinesthetically on stage can be their own visual aid, and that powerpoint the tool isn’t the problem, it’s only the habitual ways that people use it that are dull.

A specialist in financial litigation, Philippa has, in our year of working together, transformed her feedback scores, so that she is scoring between 5% and 25% percent above average for delivery and relevance at IFP conferences she has presented at. This is a huge success as financial services is one of the many sectors where female speakers habitually score lower than male speakers – a fact that is being attributed to unconscious gender bias in some circles. See an interesting read from the SEO sector here.

(the image is just one of the topical adaptations we’ve done for intro slides!)