Evaluating Storytelling Tours…

Touring Evalution Materials

Adverse Camber are one of the leading producers of storytelling in the UK, and this year I’ve been evaluating tours Hunting the Giant’s Daughter and The Old Woman, the Buffalo and the Lion of Manding. Which makes me sound like some kind of hyper critic! I’m not evaluating the artistic quality of the work, I’m evaluating the audience experience, and helping Adverse Camber find out more about their audiences, and possibly extrapolate to make predictions about storytelling audiences in an arts centre/theatre/ rural touring context.

We’ve been getting fantastically high survey returns at most of the shows throughout the Autumn and now I am bending Wordle, Excel and postcode mapping software to my will.  The results aren’t publically published, but have off course been shared with all partners and put into an Arts Council England report. A few interesting facts I can share though – 30-50% of audiences tend to describe themselves as new to storytelling, and an average of somewhere around 85% of respondents would recommend the shows to someone who shared their tastes!  Great news for both shows.