Tales of Love and Loss…

venue and poster

So much of my work with story is focused on coaching people to swap corporate presentation styles for structured storytelling, that I rarely focus on performance. I often find myself explaining that if anything, coaching is more rewarding than composing and performing my own works. Working with other people, you see transformation quickly, and that is highly gratifying.

I do have one show I made that I love though. Taking some of the saddest dark love stories that I know and weaving them into the question of how we keep love alive in the face of humanity. I was nervous about performing it for Cambridge Storytellers after such a long break, but I needn’t have been. In the little basement at CB2, with a nearly full room, including a handful of people I knew, the tales soared, I flew with them, and so, I think, did many of the audience. That’s what storytelling is for.

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